Facebook Intern Project

Spencer Mateega

Summer 2022

During my internship at Facebook, I full stack developed a social investing app. Although I never pushed my app to the Play Store, I learned the ins and outs of basic Android development and had the chance to learn more about the Oculus Mobile team (shout out Keion :)).

Learn more about my Android app below:


Despite a relatively massive shift towards collaborative and social trading, there is no easy way for retail investors to actually trade together. Further, investing in cryptocurrencies is relatively difficult, with many investors wanting exposure to altcoins but not knowing enough about the crypto market to actually make trades themself.


This app aims to make cryptocurrency investing easier by allowing investors to trade together. Within the app, users can join groups and deposit paper money into the group’s pool of capital. Within each group, there are designated “investors” and “members.” Investors can trade the group’s pool of capital on behalf of the members. Each group is also equipped with a chat to encourage collaboration and communication before and after trades are executed. Essentially, this app enables anyone to create a digital crypto hedge fund.



Intended Next Features

Given I only had a finite amount of time to work on this project (the duration of the internship), there naturally were some features I was still working on but had not completed. Some of the next features I was planning to implement were:


The code for this project can be found here.